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What is Tanning Salon Software?

One of the most frustrating and tedious aspects of owning or working in a Tanning Salon is paperwork. Booking clients, scheduling shifts, listing contact information, and manual marketing (such as flyers) take up valuable time that could be better spent with clients. Luckily, modern technology has allowed for the creation of software that can handle these tasks and more with minimal user effort.

What Can Tanning Salon Software Do?

Just about any task that Tanning Salon staff is responsible for other than services for clients and cleaning can be handled by Tanning Salon software. Here are just a few of the features which make this software so useful:

Clear and Reliable Booking

Accidentally double-booking or forgetting to write down appointments for clients can cost the Tanning Salon valuable money. With Tanning Salon software, entering appointments is fast and easy. In addition, it is clear and readable to other staff.

Online Booking

With Tanning Salon software, clients are not limited as to when they can book appointments. If they realise that they need an appointment for the next morning, they can simply go online and schedule at any time of night.

Secure Finances

Tanning Salon software also tackles the issue of processing payments, offering receipts, and tracking revenue.

Marketing and Communication

Sending out promotional emails and appointment reminders is a very time-consuming task. Using Tanning Salon software is a great way to have a promotional material and appointment reminders sent to clients automatically.

The Benefits of Using Tanning Salon Software

Spend More Time on What Matters Most…

As Tanning Salon software can handle the tedious paperwork and marketing tasks, Tanning Salon staff and owners are free to focus on providing the best possible service to their clients.

Streamline the Customer Experience

There is nothing that will turn a customer away like difficulty booking appointments and unprofessionalism. With Tanning Salon software, booking appointments, being reminded of appointments, and receiving receipts are all incredibly easy.

Avoid Error

Over-charging and double-booking are common Tanning Salon mistakes that can cost the business clients. With the automatic payment processing and appointment booking of Tanning Salon software, these errors can be eliminated entirely.