The All-In-One Salon Software Solution


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B2B Schedule It is cloud-based, all-in-one enterprise software for business management that is built as a powerful application tailored for Skin Care Salons, spas, med spas, fitness centres and yoga studios. B2B Schedule It is a robust and comprehensive solution that helps Skin Care Salons to manage and grow their businesses by providing one of the best ERP for a multi-location <a href=””>Skin Care Salon Software</a>.


The Skin Care Salon software provide the following features

Customer management: For customer-obsessed Skin Care Salons, B2B Schedule It maintains a centralised customer database which enables them to provide personalised service based on customer history data available in the system at a glance.

Automated Marketing

B2B Schedule It provides automated marketing tools which enables the Skin Care Salon to effectively communicate to their customers through integrated emails and SMS marketing campaigns.

Appointment scheduling

B2B Schedule It provides an appointment schedule module which manages the Skin Care Salons diaries and provides timely reminders. Customers are able to make bookings directly through the online portals. In addition, the Skin Care Salon employees can make customer bookings in the backend modules.


B2B Schedule It provides a billing module for customers.

Employee management: The B2B Schedule It software has a module for employee management enabling the Skin Care Salon to manage the payroll data, employee schedules and track commissions.

Inventory management support

The system has an inbuilt inventory management that supports smart retailing and warehousing

Loyalty programme

The software has incorporated a module for loyalty programmes that enables seamless management of the redemption of packages, memberships and gifts cards from location to location.

Easy management of Skin Care Salon chains with multiple centres

B2B Schedule It is able to effectively handle the unique needs of a Skin Care Salon with multiple locations.

B2B Schedule It is highly recommended for the following reasons

Ease of use

  • B2B Schedule It has a user-friendly interface and informative online tutorials which regularly updated.
  • Minimal IT investment – Being a cloud-based application, the Skin Care Salons require minimal investments in IT hardware.
  • Responsive support Team – B2B Schedule It has a highly knowledgeable and dedicated support team that provide 24-hours service to their customers.
  • High availability – the system is online all the time and the company has been able to maintain a 99.9% uptime since inception.
  • Mobile POS – B2B Schedule It has a client POS enabling the Skin Care Salon to reach their customer from whatever location they are.
  • Real-time – The software has a report generation module that provides a real-time report for decision making and improved customer service. A shared dashboard informs the organisation and facilitates a proactive approach to addressing business issues.
  • Regular improvements and updates. The updates are regularly implemented in the system to enhance its product offerings.

B2B Schedule It provides a suite of powerful front desk and back office tools designed for Skin Care Salons and medical spas to manage your business in an efficient way. The system allows users to access and manage their business from any device helping businesses to save time and money. If a Skin Care Salon is looking for reliable software, B2B Schedule It is all that they need.