The All-In-One Salon Software Solution


Simple is Good. Our Mission.

In this global village, where people are connecting with each other via social media and snapshot, are you still using pen and paper for your Pet Salon business? This is not a good deal. It is true that you may have started your business with just a few chairs and with 2, 3 members. It is also true that you can operate without software; it may not be convenient to buy a computer and to learn it. In counting of your most necessary things, this Pet Salon software may not be your choice. If you are still not using Pet Salon software then you cannot imagine how much revenue and customer you are losing per day.

Pet Salon software gives you a lot more efficiencies and advantages you can imagine. By using a Pet Salon Software, you can get these benefits Efficiency Manage your business, save time by using Pet Salon software. No need to write appointment, scheduling inventory invoices and payment processing on a paper. Just familiarise with the software and all things will sort out. Easily can cancel and add appointment when a client calls a schedule to postpone, easily adds another client to space and a message will be sending him/her automatically. Within no time, you can search a client, can see previous invoices and pending payments can recognize by seeing photos and can contact manually on a contact number.

Check your business growth No need to estimate your business growth manually, just search for the software the monthly and weekly sales. You can compare the sales by months and by weeks and can make a package for the customers for specific week or month to boost your sales. You can give in-depth look at your business. Wages and taxes Paying the wages or payroll manually can consume a lot of your time, by using Pet Salon software you can manage your profit and with the specific ratio can distribute among your workers. This software will give you a detailed report of your business profit after paying off all the payments and wages.

Automated Message

You can make relation with your clients by using the Pet Salon software, do not worry it will not take your time, just record once your message and this software will send the message on given date or time to your clients. You just need to set time and date, can contact with your customer, who are not visiting your Pet Salon, you can record a separate message for them, a special one to win their hearts. Security When you are using a pen a paper, it can get lost and you can bring your business down by doing this. By using the Spa or Pet Salon Software, you can make your business more secure.

Let it assume if you all data erased, what will happen to your business. Simply you can use backup data option to get all lost data back on your computer. You can make your security by putting a password, or even more if you buy a security for your Spa Software. Pet Salon Software gives a secured and improved way to boost your business efficiency, and can a much of your time to add more focus on your profession.