The All-In-One Salon Software Solution

Simple is Good. Our Mission.

In the current world, we have become too busy that we forget on some essentials. This has brought about the invention of software that helps us keep track. hair salon software services have come to reduce the hassle from both the hair salon and the client. It is a software that can be downloaded and used on the phone, tablet, Mac, laptop or any device that can connect to the internet. It is an all convenient hair salon app.

Advantages to the hair salon scheduling software; Maintain business growth, this is possible through a first class consultancy with other hair salons where you share ideas. Offer visibility on the sales you make and profit margin of the products that you sell. Help monitor staff productivity as it shows when a staff is free or having a client. Help control stock and plan on restocking in advance. Shows the number of available sale products. Help make after sale services with clients through follow-ups. Perfect the hair salon experience by giving personal insights to a client. Improve client loyalty and repetition. This will be caused by reduced no-show from both the client and the hair salon.

Accountability of the cash in and cash out. The hair salon software has an account section that shows the cash flow.

The advantages to the client; Able to make bookings and appointments in advance without necessarily going to the hair salon. Get reminders for the next appointment in advance. Get personalised treatment from therapists and hair salons according to their preference. Know more about hair salon products available in the market.

The hair salon software can be used as a consultation tool by both the hair salon and the client. The client can consult the hair salons or the hair salons consult the client about preferred services or products. This helps build the trust between the hair salon and the client.

The hair salon software is used to learn about the new trends in the hair salon world. This knowledge is then shared among the employees.This helps the hair salons be top on the ladder with what is best for their clients.

Finally, the hair salon software is a bridge that each and every hair salon must have. This bridge is essential for the hair salons to reach their clients and the clients to reach the hair salons. Without this hair salon software services, the hair salon business will be slow.

Employees will keep on faking they are working whereas they are not. Clients will be skipping appointments for lack of reminders. The stock will run out unnoticed. The hair salon’s cash flow would be unaccounted for, for lack of an accounting software. All business will be in a mess.

To avoid all this get yourself a hair salon software and your business goes smoothly without a hitch. It is simple to use but a powerful marketing tool in the hair salon