The All-In-One Salon Software Solution

Simple is Good. Our Mission.

The market is today flooded with Blow Dry Salon software. The question on your mind is, What is so special about you?’ Well, the answer to that question is a very long list but we will break it down for you as briefly as possible. Not only do we provide the usual services extremely well but also we have several additional features you will not find anywhere else.

What makes our Blow Dry Salon software unique?

1. Our Booking page

  • Make bookings online
  • Get clear explanations of all the services offered
  • Select the date, time and the specific professional to serve them
  • See the time slots available as well as when their preferred professional is available.

2. Excellent scheduling system

Our software not only allows you to schedule your employees but it also has the following features.

  • Synchronises employees’ schedules with the Blow Dry Salon Calendar
  • Employees access their shift calendars on their phones
  • Automated shift reminders
  • Provides reports on service deductions, hours worked and tips

3. P.O.S. Mobile payment and e-commerce

No, it is not a joke; just one Blow Dry Salon software can do all these. Here our software provides the following:

  • Credit card processing for cards already in file
  • Multiple payment options including credit cards, cash and gift certificates.
  • Fast and safe credit card processing for customers making payment online
  • Accepts mobile payments and issues email receipts immediately
  • An attractive e-commerce portal for your retail clients
  • You can also customise your own gift certificates

4. Inventory Management.

Apart from the standard management tools our software also allows you to track trends of staff usage and customer purchases hence allowing you to optimise your inventory. It also oversees purchase overs.

5. Customer Relationship Management

Our software has the following features for this need:

  • Tracks all of a customer’s visits as well as their total revenue
  • Identifies their preferences from their history
  • Automatically assesses customer loyalty
  • Rewards customers based on standards set by the Blow Dry Salon

6. Generates Useful Business reports

These are inclusive of a user-friendly dashboard. They include:

  • Marketing campaign performance
  • Customer trends
  • Inventory turnover
  • Sales
  • Customer referrals
  • Financial statements

7. Our mobile application which lets you access the software on your phone wherever you are.

8. Email Marketing. The software automatically records customer emails once they make a booking. You can send your customers personalised emails with reminders of their appointments.

Our goal is to help you stop spending countless hours manually managing your Blow Dry Salons affairs. We want our Blow Dry Salon software to help you focus on what you love to do. So if you want to be stress-free and focus on your clients, talk to us. We guarantee you both order and efficiency.